Essays: A Piece of Art or Literature Reflection

In this essay, I wanted to discuss the problems we face in society in regards to education. The first few sentences are somewhat of an immersive image into my outlook on education, “We are taught from a young age to read and write. By the time students enter the first grade, they are generally fully equipped with the knowledge to sing the alphabet and write some simple sentences containing one or two nouns. As a grade school student, I remember circling the sentences that were incorrect during our weekly tests. They emphasized a short, businesslike sentence structure and trained our young minds to analyze and copy instead of explore and create original forms” I wanted to talk broadly about the issues I personally have experienced being a public education student from kindergarten to senior year of high school. I started to think of my education experience as a whole. I compared my public education to my college level education and realized there were vast differences. I felt the best way to describe both types of education was to outline somewhat of a narrative of my academic experiences. I wanted to highlight the fact that I was only remotely exposed to the creative process as a public education student. I was not taught how to correctly form a nonfiction or fiction essay, nor was I taught much about poetry. I don’t remember being taught how to use my mind creatively. All I can remember is sitting in school and learning how to spell and read. I was hardly even taught correct grammar. My mother had to teach me how to use a comma correctly. It’s very obvious that I was only taught the basics of writing and reading in order to pass whatever proficiency test was required. In my essay, I state “This poses an issue when we talk about ‘essays.’ Until recently, when I thought about essays, I pictured my grade school self, begrudgingly completing whatever meaningless task my teacher assigned. Sure, I was learning how to ‘write,’ but, I was not being taught to push the boundaries or learn to harvest my creativity. This continued throughout my entire public school education. By the time high school rolled around, I was highly skilled at creating work that was deemed adequate without pushing the limits.” I felt that in addition to getting my point across, I was successfully able to establish my own personal experiences. The combination of both a narrative and informative piece was extremely new for me.

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