Writing and Things Like Writing Reflection

In this essay, my goal was to allow readers to use their imaginations and understand that writing is similar to everyday life. I wanted to capture the concept that everything in life is “infinite,” including writing. As we have discussed, writing is a process. There are always new concepts that grab our interests. In the course of our lives, our writing styles will change significantly, depending on what our experiences are during different times. I think of writing as a part of our human experience. It can be compared to various alternative aspects in our unique journeys. Our mood, the circumstances we face, and the joy we receive greatly impact our writing. Our writing changes to reflect what we are individually experiencing. The art of cooking has many similarities to writing. Both works of linguistic and culinary art can greatly shift one’s mood and allow us to use our creativity. They are also both endless talents, due to the ever changing life journey and inspiration we discover throughout each and every day. Each “chef” brings their own ingredients to the table and creates a dish that belongs solely to them. Writing can also be compared to consumerism because we often do not appreciate what we presently have. As writers, we often focus on our weaknesses and what we cannot do. We compare our work to others and trick ourselves into thinking that we will be happy with our work after we have accomplished more. In other words, writing can be seen to encompass the good, bad, and everything in between in our lives.

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